CGI based API

We have developed a simple CGI based API to call up information on a specific gene by specifying a URL instead of filling out a form. This allows other web-based databases to connect to PACdb using a URL link. We actively encourage links into PACdb. To access a specific gene, use the URL:<G>

Where <G> is the gene ID. For most organisms we support multiple, common ID systems, although we specify one set as the default. For example, we support the Ensembl and MGI mouse gene ID's, although Ensembl ID's are the default. Also note that not every gene undergoes polyadenylation (or if it does, there may not be corresponding ESTs/cDNAs available), and therefore not every gene will have a record in PACdb. The CGI interface can also be used to access information for a specific EST or even a specific 3'-processing site (see below, a <P> is a PACdb ID which consists of the gene ID and the UTR length, and an <E> is the EST accession):

To access a 3'-processing site:<P>

To access an EST at a specific 3'-processing site:<E>&pacdbid=<P>

To access an EST at any 3'-processing site (if an EST hits multiple sites):<E>

More complex querying using the CGI based API is possible, including requesting XML and tsv output formats. More information on complex usage will be posted in the future (or you may contact us for more information).