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  • The Arabidopsis data:

    Chromosomal sequences:

    Five chromosomal sequences were retrieved from TAIR on 2004 April 26
    ATH1_chr1.1con.01222004 (Chromosome I)
    ATH1_chr2.1con.01222004 (Chromosome II)
    ATH1_chr3.1con.01222004 (Chromosome III)
    ATH1_chr4.1con.01222004 (Chromosome IV)
    ATH1_chr5.1con.01222004 (Chromosome V)

    EST Sequences:

    209,437 Arabidopsis EST sequences were retrieved from NCBI's dbEST database on 2004 June 29th.

    Coding Sequences(CDS):

    27,288 CDS sequences were retrived from TAIR, 2004, September 15

    Gene Names of corresponding to Tair IDs:

    Retrieved from TAIR, 2004, September 15


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    GO. Gene Ontology: tool for the unification of biology.
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    The Arabidopsis PolyA Cleavage Site Database (AtPACdb) is currently in development and
    as such is unavailable for reference at this time. Check back in the future
    for better data, more organisms, more interface features, and hopefully a
    formal paper reference. Thanks!